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For intense full body and intimate massages! The Sex & Massage Gun from You2Toys has 4 different attachments and a large silicone dildo that can be attached to the gun. The handheld massager works with fast, direct and powerful thrusts that are transferred to the respective attachment or dildo. The thrusts are barely noticeable in the handle. The 4 thrusting speeds (1600 to 3200 thrusts per minute) can be easily controlled at the push of a button (on the handle) and they are perfect for diverse (deep) massaging pleasure - in and on the body. It is very quiet and discreet because it has a volume of < 55 decibels. Weighing only 521 g, the compact massage gun fits comfortably in the hand, is pleasant to hold and is quickly ready for use - even on the go. It can be recharged with the USB cable. Massage gun (14 cm long, 9 cm wide; handle 7.5 cm long, 4.5 cm wide; weight 521 g) with: - Grooved cone attachment (4 cm long, Ø 2.2 cm; weight 14 g) - 2-finger attachment (4.5 cm long, finger Ø 1.3 cm; weight 16 g) - Round disk attachment (2 cm long, Ø 4.4 cm; weight 21 g) - Ball-shaped head attachment (5.5 cm long, Ø 5 cm; weight 18 g) - Dildo attachment (24 cm long, insertion length 18.5 cm, Ø max. 4.8 cm; weight 153 g) is used together with the grooved cone attachment. Metal, ABS, silicone, PU.
Informacje o produkcie
Wymiary opakowania 265x230x65
Materiał Metall, ABS, Silikon, PU
Całkowita długość 14,0
Średnica zewnętrzna 4,8
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