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Quick assembly for weightless sex positions!
The Free-Standing Sex Swing from You2Toys enables an infinite number of sex positions â€" without twisting or effort. The sex swing comes complete with a base frame and is quick and easy to assemble without the need for tools. Tthe sturdy, plugged-together tubular steel construction is secured with sturdy screw and plug connections. Large silicone suction feet ensure a firm, steady stand on any smooth surface â€" even during the wildest movements. The fully assembled swing can support a maximum load of 125 kg.

The soft seat cushion and the two soft reclining cushions for the back and head/neck as well as the two comfortable plush support loops for hands, legs or feet hang from tear-proof straps. All straps are individually adjustable to fit in length. The seat can also be removed ( hook-and-loop fastener).

L 106 cm x H 151 cm x D 105 cm.
Centre bar 60 cm long, base bar 61 cm long, side bar 123 cm long.
Seat surface 36 cm x 16.5 cm; back surface 34 cm x 21.5 cm; head/neck surface 53.5 x 9.5 cm.
Support loop:
52 cm x 11 cm.
Adjustable straps:
Head strap 167.5 cm - 253.5 cm; back strap 180 cm - 234 cm; seat strap 182 cm - 250 cm; support loop strap 93 cm - 141 cm.

PU, polyamide, polyester, steel, ABS.
Informacje o produkcie
Materiał PU, Polyamid, Polyester, Stahl, ABS
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