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Duo vibrator with 2 motorsbr
Synchronised stimulation of the vagina & clitoris
Permanent contact with the clitoris
Variable insertion depth
Each arm has 5 vibration modes + 5 speeds
Body-safe silicone
Rechargeable - incl. USB cable
Includes a stylish storage case

Snail Vibe's brilliant idea comes from a realization that most of the dual stimulators out there are not 100% satisfactory. How can a toy guarantee a strong simultaneous stimulation of both the clitoris and the vagina when all vulvas' shapes and sizes are different?
The Snail Vibe is the answer, it was designed to fit most vulvas. Its unique shape is not just for fun; it actually delivers continuous delightful vibes to the clitoris while diffusing powerful vibrations internally.

It's THE toy to explore dual stimulation, with the assurance to always keep your clitoris happy!

The Snail Vibe gathers all the attributes of the most-wanted toys: the extraordinary power of the wand, the in-and-out movement of a thruster, the depth of a dildo and the clitoral stimulation of a rabbit. And this is possible thanks to the unique and patented spiral shape and the two individual motors.
Its clever design allows you to have back-and-forth penetrative movements, while constantly and permanently being stimulated on the outside.

The Snail Vibe has two motors that provide synchronised stimulation of the clitoris and the vagina.
The two motors can be controlled independently and offer 5 patterns and 5 speeds, so a total of over 600 pleasurable combinations. Both motors provide low frequency, deep and rumbly vibrations to the intimate areas - This toy will make HER vibrate unlike any other!
Rechargeable - USB cable included.
Includes a stylish hard case.
Complete length 24 cm, 3 cm - 5 cm wide, insertion depth max. 14 cm. Weight 309 g.
Informacje o produkcie
Materiał Silikon
Całkowita długość 24
Średnica zewnętrzna 3-5
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