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For keeping the body in the hot doggy style position! The submissive partner is "forced" onto all fours with this high-quality and sturdy floor pillory that's made out of stainless steel. This floor pillory is perfect for fancy games that are out of the ordinary. The wrists, ankles and neck are put into restraints meaning that the person is fixed to the floor pillory. Another accessory is the mount for the included dildo that can be fixed into place behind the submissive partner (who's in the doggy style position). The floor pillory can be easily assembled and disassembled. It is also easy to store as well. Measurements: Floor pole can be adjusted from 65 cm to 116.5 cm. Pole with handcuffs 20.8 cm long, handcuffs Ø 4.7 cm - 5.7 cm. Pole with ankle cuffs 47.2 cm long, ankle cuffs Ø 6.5 cm-7.7 cm. Pole with neck restraint 21 cm - 28 cm long, adjustable, neck restraint Ø 11.7 cm. Mount for the dildo 30.5 cm long. The poles with the locking screw can be placed in various positions on the floor pole. Dildo 19 cm long. Weight of floor pillory 3.2 kg. Stainless steel, PVC (dildo).
Informacje o produkcie
Wymiary opakowania 700x160x90
Materiał Metall, Dildo: Polyvinylchlorid Zusatzinfo: Edelstahl
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