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The stylish specialist for the G-spot clitoris! The Amy 2 vibrator from Svakom is in a wonderfully ergonomic curved shape and it also has a flattened tip which is perfect for spot-on pleasure spot stimulating in and on the body. The flexible silicone vibrator is velvety soft and this means that it is very easy to hold and it also slides over the skin and into intimate depths almost on its own as well. This mean that the light but intense vibrator can also be easily integrated into solo or couple's fun. The 5 intense vibration modes in 5 speeds provide all-round internal and external pleasure and are therefore perfect for diverse fun. The functions can be easily controlled at the push of a button. Amy2 can also be used in the bath or the shower because it is waterproof. Rechargeable - includes a USB cable and a storage bag. 17.4 cm x 4 cm x 3 cm. Weight 123 g. Silicone, ABS.
Informacje o produkcie
Wymiary opakowania 10x10x10
Materiał Silikon, ABS
Całkowita długość 17,4
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